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Seventh Level Breathing is a successful breathing-focused company that provides dedicated coaching to clients in order to alleviate and manage stress and triggers that impact their breathing patterns. The company's old site did not convert, however, and the client was unable to update their own site. We redesigned Seventh Level Breathing's website and brand to a more holistic, calming style with sophistication. We also launched new service offerings such as a landing page for a new book releaseWhen the client came to us, they didn't just want a new website—they wanted to create something that would resonate with their target audience. They wanted to reach people who were already interested in breathing and meditation, but who may not have been as aware of how much they could learn from the practice. They wanted to feel like they had a trusted resource on their side when it came to helping them improve their health and well-being.

We spent time understanding their goals and values, then used that information to create a new website that reflected those goals. We also worked with them on branding, making sure we communicated the same sense of calm that the site was meant to convey.

It was clear from the beginning that we weren't just creating a new website; we were creating an experience for our customers. We gave them tools that would allow them to track their progress and achieve their goals through meditation practice. We also helped them launch a new book about meditation practices for beginners.

Project Process
1. Strategic Discovery of business aims
2. Web application redesign & optimization
3. Mobile application redesign & optimization
4. Logo redesign
5. Ecommerce integration and payment model
6. Book release landing page
7. Component-based UI-kit

The Results
The results are clear: increased community group members, launched new products, increased user trust, strengthened brand reputation—all because we knew how important it is for people like them!

Client Testimonial
"I have loved Callum's ideas and how he has communicated with me each step of the way while designing my new site and branding"
Linda Graham, Seventh Level Breathing

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